Early Electrics Part of Groundbreaking Southampton Show

Early Electrics Part of Groundbreaking Southampton Show

September 23, 2017 in Blog 0

The Southampton Arts Center will be hosting a show called “Odd Beauty… The Techno-Eccentric World of Steampunk Art+Design”. This uniquely exclusive exhibit will present works from the most notable Steampunk artists and designers in the field with paintings, fashion, sculpture, devices, and contraptions extraordinaire. In addition samples from the Radio-GuyEarly Electrics and Steve Erenberg collections will fill the first room at the museum entrance. This collection of early Victorian technology is considered the “Real Stuff” and a source of inspiration by many artists working in the Steampunk genre.


Running 9/23/17 through 10/12/17

Southampton Arts Center
25 Jobs Lane
Southampton Village, New York

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