Early and Rare Articulating X-Ray Arm Dental Lamp

Early and Rare Articulating X-Ray Arm Dental Lamp

February 22, 2016 in Blog 0

First…. We have a matching pair of these amazing lamps. They are priced individually. You can buy one or the pair. In 10 years we have only owned one other example… now we have 2. They were restored at the same time with matching finishes, wire and sand blasted ribbon glass. They look very impressive together. They did start life as a 1920s X-Ray machine. The head was gutted and the front plate was restored to work as a lamp. The ribbon glass we used is antique as well and custom frosted. The articulated arm was finished in a satin black with brass and aluminum parts polished. The arm extends to over 5 foot fit the front section pulling up or down assisted by brass enclosed springs with a bully and cable assist. All movements are smooth and balanced with only one finger to easily move the lamp where you want. Its complex and elegant at the same time. This is one of my favorite lamps… SOLD

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