WWII British Infants Gas Shroud

Due to extensive use of Chlorine, Mustard, and Tear gas by the Germans during WWI, the British government was eager to protect all of its citizens with gas masks during WWII. Along with the General Civilian Respirator and the Mickey Mouse Gas Mask to protect men, women, and children, the Baby Gas Mask was used to protect infants up to two years old, as the name suggests. The canvas part of the mask which hung under the actual helmet wrapped around the baby's body, with a strap at the bottom wrapping in between the baby's legs, keeping the mask into place. The baby's head sat in the steel helmet, looking out of the visor. An asbestos filter was located in the side of the helmet, next to the baby's head. A rubber tube on the side of the mask was then pumped by an adult. like a concertina to give the baby air. During use of this gas mask, babies sometimes fell asleep and remained unnaturally still. This was contributed to the baby not getting enough air.... $750