Rare 1916 Journée Serbe Poster

Paris, 1916. Framed original poster. Lithograph. 47 x 31.25 inches. A celebration of Franco-Serbian solidarity, this compelling World War I poster shows a French infantryman leading a group of Serb civilians and soldiers as they head across a bare winter landscape. The leading Serb soldier has his hand on the Frenchman's shoulder. Allied to the Entente Powers, Serbia had been overwhelmed by the vastly superior numbers of Central Powers forces and, after defeat at the Battle of Kosovo at the end of 1915, the Serbian Army was forced out of their home territory and fled into Albania. Thousands of Serbs died of cold and starvation during the following winter. Kosovo had been the sight of an historic Serbian defeat at the hands of the Ottomans in 1389 which led to the loss of Serbian independence and became a symbol of Serb nationalism. 'Serbia Day' 1916 was organized in Paris to benefit the displaced Serbs and was celebrated in June to coincide with the approximate date of that medieval battle. Théophile Alexandre Steinlen (1859-1923), frequently referred to as just Steinlen, was a Swiss-born Art Nouveau painter and printmaker, best known for his 'Chat Noir' advertisements for the cabaret of the same name. The poster is laid on linen and in good condition. A scarce item... $1500