M4 Leather WWII Horse Gas Mask

M4 US Government Army Issue World War II, vintage 1941-1942 Horse Gas Masks are very scarce. Due to the large size, most were discarded after the war. Occasionally, one will pop up, but most are incomplete or in poor condition. The M4 Horse Gas Mask has 2 large filter canisters, one placed on each shoulder of the horse. It has a chest mounted pack, and a rubber mask for the horse's muzzle. Flexible hoses run between the components, and leather straps keep everything secure to the horse. Horses (Cavalry) and Pack Mules were not as common in WWII as they were in WWI, making the Horse Gas Mask all the more rare. If you are a serious gas mask collector, consider the chance of finding another M4 Horse gas mask. Included is the signed canvas accessory bag and display horse head and horse goggles. The goggles (missing the straps) are something you almost never find. ... $4400