1917 Blue Jeans- Play Poster

Blue Jeans is a melodramatic play by Joseph Arthur that opened in New York City in 1890 to great popularity. The sensation of the play is a scene where the unconscious hero is placed on a board approaching a huge buzz saw in a sawmill, which became one of the most imitated dramatic scenes (eventually to the point of cliche and parody). The play remained popular for decades, and was made into a successful silent film in 1917.

The play made its debut on October 6, 1890, at the Fourteenth Street Theatre. The original New York run of the play ran through March 7, 1891. The play enjoyed considerable success around the United States and in revivals in the following decades. It debuted in London in 1898.[6]

It was rumored that theatre critic Andrew Carpenter Wheeler, known as "Nym Crinkle," was the actual author or co-author of Blue Jeans, as well as Arthur's prior hit The Still Alarm... 47" x 34" Framed... $675