“Stroviols” Rare Original Stroh Fiddle with Horn

This is the real thing! It's a 1915-20 Stroh "Home Model" horn fiddle. A real attention getter and very sculptural. These musical instruments were invented by an Englishmen named Stroh at the turn of the century. They were used for early recording sessions before the use of electronic microphones. At the time a large horn or cone collected the sound for recording. String instruments could not compete with the horn instruments in a recording. Stroh found the perfect invention and the string/horn instrument was born. All the important recording studios of the period had a set of these on hand. They are played with a bow and held between the knees. Note the 2 knee brackets at the bottom. The sound is unique and nice working examples have become a highly sought after prize for Bluegrass musicians. This one is working and complete.