We have always considered and collected these commercial masks and helmets as industries tribal art. Examples can be elegant in their simplicity or bazaar and complex. They are always unique, suprising and filled with personality.

Petrified Creatures Museum, Roadside Sign

This early 20th century Catskill, New York sign is part of a long gone era when the automobile provided a new freedom and families took to the road on vacation. The Petrified Creatures Museum of Natural History was a roadside dinosaur park that offered up lumpy neon thunder lizards in the name of kitsch and education. Originally opened in 1934, the Petrified Creatures Museum of Natural History was a classic roadside dinosaur park that features misshapen creatures and a mineral-filled gift shop, but it sets itself apart with its brightly colored dinosaurs and acceptance of camp. It was created the mold of other, similar roadside dinosaur parks, each designed to entice families on road trips to pull over and buy marked up fossils from the gift shop while taking in the homemade prehistoric creatures The sign printed on tin and embossed. The directions were hand painted. The subject of this sigh gives everyone a good laugh. H 48.5 in. x W 96.75 in. x D 3 in... $2600

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