Original 1920 “Alexander The Man Who Knows” Stone Lithograph Poster

This is an original 1920 Alexander “The Man Who Knows” stone lithograph from my private collection of Magic posters. This is a 1-sheet sized poster with a strong and powerful image. Alexander was perhaps the most successful professional theatrical mind reader of his generation. He made millions of dollars performing on the grandest vaudeville stages – nearly $240,000. in 1924 alone and retired at age 47. Alexander Conlin admitted to killing four men, was married seven times, occasionally to more than one woman at a time, spent time in jails and prisons around the U.S. and counted some of the greatest magicians of his time as his close friends. It is finished in a very costly frame behind glass and mounted on a linen backing…. 39″ x 53″ framed… $1200