We have always considered and collected these commercial masks and helmets as industries tribal art. Examples can be elegant in their simplicity or bazaar and complex. They are always unique, suprising and filled with personality.

Kryptok Eyeglass Display Case

This is a very rare and specialized display case. It as clips on 3 rods designed to hold eyeglasses in a point of purchase glass mirrored case. It is filled with about 30 pair of period eyeglasses. Some could be gold frames. The celluloid 3D plaque reads... "Krypyok... Glasses...The only invisible bifocal... Near and far vision in one pair" . The case is 3 foot tall Inside the case is an important multilayered celluloid Eyeglass sign that is the best we have ever seen. The condition is so nice that we first thought it may be new. Its 4 color and with 3D lettering. If you are a collector than you already know how delicate celluloid can be. These signs almost never survived. This example is a small and very rare gem. The gold beveled lettering is cut into the plaque that has a wood grain. The plaque itself has a beveled edge. I love the eyeglass graphics showing how bifocals work. This could be one of the only surviving examples. It all came out of a New England estate where it was in storage for all these years. The sellers great grandfather was a turn of the century Optometrist. The invention of the Kryptok, was a new type of bifocal that was introduced 120 years ago. The lens was made by Grinding the segment of a bifocal lens that involved a delicate procedure. One side of the segment was matched to the curve of the depression and the opposite curve selected to match the front curve of the distance lens. The glass segment was then cemented into the concave depression. 36" tall x 20" wide... $4400