Haitian Vodou Beaded Flag 1950s

From the feel and workmanship we would guess that this sequined and beaded flag dates to the mid 20th Century. This example is signed Haitian Vodou art is art related to the Haitian Vodou religion. This religion has its roots in West African traditional religions brought to Haiti by slaves, but has assimilated elements from Europe and the Americas and continues to evolve. The most distinctive Vodou art form is the drapo Vodou, an embroidered flag often decorated with sequins or beads. The flag measures32 x 36 inches. It is framed in a shadow box style 48 x 42 inches. It is signed with the initials… CB. There is also a second signature or caption that reads…DAMBALA OUEDO. The sequin lettering is difficult to read and that is my best guess… 44″ x 48″ framed… $2400

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