We have always considered and collected these commercial masks and helmets as industries tribal art. Examples can be elegant in their simplicity or bazaar and complex. They are always unique, suprising and filled with personality.

Full Size Dr. Auzoux Female Anatomical Model

We have travelled all-over the world always on the lookout for early Dr. Auzoux Models. We found this rare example right in our backyard. It came out of a local hospitals storage where it sat for over 80 years. Most of these models are already in museums and private collections. Examples usually pass from collector to collector via word of mouth. They are an important part of medical history and amazing when you see all the painstaking detail. It's a must have on every collectors list. These models are made from papier mâché´ that's why so few survived. The large female Auzoux is a hard on to find. The paint on this one is nicer than most and shows very well. It sits in an original signed cast iron base but it does have some issues. It is missing an arm and ear outside. Inside there is no brain|lungs or heart and maybe another piece but unsure of that. There was a repair on the left knee and a big toe. As is it is still quite rare and collectable. 63 in.Hx18 in.Wx18 in.D $8,600

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