Framed Collection of Knights Templar 1884 Conclave Ribbons

The New York Order was founded in 1813 and this framed collection of chapter ribbons was from the 1884 Conclave. It was the 71st Conclave. These ribbons were traded and collected at the yearly conclaves. The collection is over 130 years old and in wonderful piece of history preserved. This is a quote from the Knights Templar website: "THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR - A MODERN ORDER FOLLOWING AN ANCIENT TRADITION. Welcome to the Grand Priory of The Knights Templar Order: Nine hundred years after the founding of the Original Order of the Temple, and seven hundred years since it destruction, the Grand Priory of the Knights Templar Order (THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR ORDER) is the leading Order among the several Templar organisations keeping alive the noble and ancient Knights Templar traditions in the present day."... Was $750... On SALE at $550