19th Century Dr. Auzoux Papier Mâché Model of Head

This fantastically detailed papier mâché model of the head dates to the mid-19th century. It was made by Dr. Auzoux and listed in his catalogue. The attention to detail is breathtaking. The structures are numbered and these pictures only scratch the surface. The whole model comes apart and as each section is removed new treasures are revealed within. Take a close look the photo of the removable eye... Its so small but still comes apart to show more. The hand work that went into each part is amazing. and it all is mounted on the original turned wood base. French physician Louis Thomas Jerome Auzoux (1797-1880). In the early 19th century, human cadavers for the study of anatomy were in short supply. The dissection of human corpses was difficult, due to the fast rate of decomposition, and also illegal. And the wax anatomical models available at the time were both fragile and expensive... SOLD