1921 Evans Power-Cycle, National Winner

This Evans motorcycle is probably one of the best and most authentic examples today. It's a 3-time AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) National Senior Winner. The AACA at Hershey PA and the Pebble Beach Classic Car Show are the 2 most important judged shows in the world. To win a First Prize at one of these shows is rock star status. It's also received many more first place wins at state and regional shows… Including Best Running and Most Authentic. The Evans is one of the few motorcycles built in New York and is an important part of the states history. In fact this example was on display New York State Museum it also spend 5 years on display at the AACA Library. But most importantly it sat in my den for the the last 10 years. Since its original restoration 30 years ago it lived pampered life. There is a paint chip here and there from just from moving it around. We just dismantled and checked all the mechanics… cleaned, oiled and balanced everything. After all the years it was a pleasure the see the engine start right up and run as it did 30 years ago... Sold