1800s Articulated Dental Wall Table

These floating dental tables are almost impossible to find and it's one of my favorite items. I've been hunting them down for over 30 years. A Dentist would pull the wall bracket and table out over the patient. He could then have all his tools at hand during a procedure. Mixing old and new... I use a similar example as a computer laptop table in my office. The adjustable arm is a complex arrangement and is an interesting example of early technology. This 14 inch square swiveling table is quarter sawn oak with a mirrored glass top... It has 5 draws. With the arm open the bracket reaches approximately 54 inches from the wall and closed its 33 inches. The arm is complex and allows the table to be raised, lowered, slide away from the wall and always keep it level. There is also a locking mechanism. The finish on the metal parts have an aged patina, paint and pin striping. Also we have left the oak cabinet finish as found. We love the look of early weathered varnish and original beveled glass mirror sides If you collect these then you already know how special they are. For a Dentist in the 1800s this was state of the art... Was $2800... Now on SALE at... $1800