Pair of Charles M. Ware Hand-Tinted and Signed Prints

This is a set of 2 hand tinted prints.  "Hatter & Hatter" 1991, "Looking Glass World" 1991 Both are signed by the artist and are Artists Proofs #2, 12"x 15" framed.... $750 for the pair. About the Artist Charles M. Ware... Born in Santa Rosa, California in 1-21, Charles M Ware grew up on the family ranch,but early on realised farm life was not for him. After winning the prestigious Angus Boggs scholarship to the California School of Fine Arts (now known as the San Francisco Art Institute), Ware took a break from his studies to serve overseas in WWII. Upon returning from the war, found his father had sold the farmland and that the idyllic environment of his youth was gone. He returned to art school,  but didn't last long. He left School and worked as a sign painter, while living in bars in North Beach, paying for drinks with paintings of barroom nudes and patron portraits. He rode the rails in the Southwest, being chased out of towns by local sheriffs. He ended up in New York for a stint, painting signs, living in flophouse hotels,all the while making his art with a style his own, divorced entirely from the currents of the day. A particular obsession of his was the writings of Lewis Carroll. In Charlie's world the spiritual vision of Carroll mixed with the Elysian fields of ancient Greece and the vision of afterlife in the New Testament. He created a spiritual realm out of such disparate elements, the sweetness of Carroll and the darker visions of barroom demons and Christ crucified. A founding member of the San Francisco Visionary Artists Group, Charlie was greatly influenced by Ernst Fuchs, Max Ernst and the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. He painted in oil, and was an accomplished print-maker. Charlie was also Constantly inventing techniques and new applications. His works have shown and are part of the collection at the Crocker Art Museum,The New York Library, and various galleries around San Francisco. His works were also collected by members of the literary world, including Ray Bradbury and Robert Bloch. He died in San Francisco in 2005 at age 84.