Prop Diving Helmet for TV series “Da Vinci’s Demons”

This original prop was created for the TV series  "Da Vinci’s Demons" and used in the episode titled... “The Hierophant”. It's hand-made and all leather construction.... $3200

STORY LINE...... After finding out from the Abyssinian that the other key is in Rome, da Vinci decides to head there rather than back to Florence. In Rome, he stalks Riario as Riario leaves flowers on a mysterious grave of a Jewish woman (I’m not entirely sure what this scene is setting us up for as it otherwise seemed pointless) and then heads back to the city where he’s been staying with some Jewish friends of Zo. After studying the blueprints of the Vatican for a bit and smoking some of the good stuff, he falls asleep and dreams of Lucrezia telling him she loves him. Wait. Didn’t she just say last time that they are both bound to lives without love? Where did this love crap come from? She suddenly stabs him and he wakes and then dunks his head in water. At this point, he does his genius-y thing and determines how he can get into the Vatican. That night he uses his diving apparatus, which Zo and Nico must continuously pump in the air to use, and gets into the Vatican via the sewers. He drills a giant hole in the Pope’s precious, giant bath and the water drains out just as the Pope enters after meeting with the Duke of Urbino and seemingly convincing him to switch sides and fight for Rome instead of Florence. Leonardo emerges from the steam and the hole in the empty tub and confronts the Pope, demanding to be shown The Secret Archives. The Pope dilly-dallies as he waits for someone to notice he’s missing and attempts to convince Leonardo to join Rome in the process, using cool toys artifacts within the Archives as bribes.