Wood Jaw Dental Phantom

Dental phantoms are devices used for practicing in dental universities. The dental phantoms resemble the anatomy of the skull and all the anatomical structures in the maxillofacial region. There are different type of phantoms depending on the exercise you want to create. Some of the phantoms contain only the cheeks, the gums and the teeth. Have you ever wondered the way dentists practice when making fillings or extractions before they make them in the mouth of a real patient? The use Dental Phantom. It would be a little tricky being the first patient of a student who has just studied theory with no practice. That’s what Eduard Oswald Fergus thought, a XIXth c. dentist who invented a gadget for practicing during this first stage, called “Dental Phantom”. This example is the earliest Phantom we have and could be 1800s. The teeth are real and set in hard wax. Also parts of the jaw are made from wood.  The heads top is aluminum... In the 1800s aluminum was very rare and considered a precious metal.